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Publication Order of Dream Jumper Books

Nightmare Escape (2016)HardcoverPaperbackKindle
Curse of the Harvester (2017)HardcoverPaperbackKindle

Noted American actor starring in a number of hit television shows and Hollywood blockbuster films, Greg Grunberg has now turned his hand to writing for children. Creating a series of graphic novels he has managed to corner the market in the literary sphere as well, producing a bright and colorful series of books that will keep younger readers both charmed and entertained. Using bright visuals combined with witty and insightful storytelling, he manages to draw the young readers in, keeping them hooked and engaged throughout. Working largely in the realms of science-fiction and fantasy onscreen, he has managed to transfer this to the page as well, bringing an energy that really carries the story along. Building imaginative worlds and realistic characters that really resonate with his younger audience, he has been able to establish a style that really engages on a most fundamental and basic level. With the themes of dreams being a focal point for much of his work, he takes the reader on a journey, along with the help of fellow help of author Lucas Turnbloom as well, who helps to illustrate the novels for him. Also working with him for much of the time is the colorist Guy Major, as they all work together to create a compelling and engaging experience, which is something that will continue for some time to come.

Early and Personal Life

Born in 1966 on the 11th of July, Greg Grunberg would grow up in Los Angeles, California, in the United States, showing a passion for the creative arts from an early age. Educated at University High School located in West Los Angeles, he would continue to nurture this passion throughout the subsequent years. It was in 1998, though, that he would make his first break into feature film, starring in the film ‘BASEketball’, followed by a recurring role on the show ‘Felicity’ that same year. This would then lead to him becoming a well known face in Hollywood, creating a name and brand for himself as an actor and as an author.

With a keen interest in science-fiction he would go on to star in the hit show ‘Heroes’, a role which would really help to establish him within the world of genre fiction. In time this would also come to include voice acting roles as well, along with working in video games and with iPhone apps as well. Currently still writing and working to this very day, he lives with his wife Elizabeth Dawn Wershow and their three sons, as he continues to maintain his public profile, something which wont be stopping any time soon.

Writing Career

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Bringing out his first book in 2016, he would take his first foray into the world of literature with the title ‘Nightmare Escape’, which would also be the first in the series of ‘Dream Jumper’ graphic novels. Creating this alongside the illustrator Lucas Turnbloom and colorist Guy Major, he would bring his son’s dreams to life on the page after having them related to him one day. He would later follow this up in 2017 the following year with the sequel graphic novel ‘Curse of the Harvester’, which would carry on in much the same vein as before.

With these books being well received, Greg Grunberg was well on his way to becoming a well established author as well as being an esteemed actor too. Gaining acclaim from both critics and the general public alike, he was soon well on his way to reaching a worldwide audience with his fantastical collection of graphic novels. Not only that, but the director J.J. Abrams would also come to write a forward for his work, thus propelling it even further globally. With more room to continue expanding as an author in the future, there’s a lot more potential on the horizon, with his audience growing steadily day-by-day.

Nightmare Escape

Initially brought out in 2016 on the 28th of June through the Graphix publishing label, this would set-up the series of ‘Dream Jumper’ books. A graphic novel that is bright, bold and colorful, it really brings the ideas within to life, allowing them to truly leap off of the page for the reader. It also introduces the core characters for the first time too, bringing to the forefront the protagonist of Ben and his talking rabbit companion as well.

With his son being called Ben it’s clear where the source of inspiration came for Greg Grunberg whilst writing this particular series. Taking his son’s recollection of his dreams and nightmares, he has been able to craft a compelling and fun series that’s both imaginative and engaging in equal measure. Using ever expansive landscapes as well, he’s been able to create a world that is both bright and colorful, whilst remaining exciting too.

At night Ben has been facing a barrage of nightmares lately, something which he has been unable to prevent it seems, as they come whether he likes it or not. One major difference from the dreams of others though, is that he can apparently jump into everyone else’s dreams, something which may be able to save his friends. After they all succumb to a powerful and dangerous dream monster, it would seem that he is the only one that can stop and save them all. Can he gain true control over his powers though? Will he be able to save his friends? Is there ever truly a nightmare escape?

Curse of the Harvester

Released through the Graphix publishing house once again, this follows on directly from the previous book. Picking up from where it left off, it provides another adventure for Ben, whilst also further developing his character and the world around him. Published on the 31st of October in 2017, it was brought out just over a year after the first, taking the series in new and exciting directions.

Working together this time, both Ben and Jake are operating their business of dream jumping as a team, whilst making some good money with it. Everything seems to be going well, that is until a new enemy steps into their path, and one that can apparently jump dreams themselves. Threatening the entire world of dreams, he poses a danger quite unlike any they have ever seen before, something they’re going to have to work extremely hard to overcome. Will they manage it? Can they keep their friends safe? What will become of the curse of the harvester?

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